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Lanai Area

The island of Lanai has a population of almost 3,200 people. The median age of 36.7 is slightly higher than the State average, reflecting a slightly lower percentage of residents 20 to 64 years and a higher percentage of those ages 65 and over. Lanai has a large Asian population (58%) that includes the second-highest concentration Statewide of Filipinos (45%). The proportion of Caucasians is small, while other ethnic groups are found in proportions similar to Statewide percentages.

The per capita income is lower than in 60% of communities Statewide. However, relatively few Lanai residents rely on assistance from the Food Stamp or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) programs. Only 69% of adults —the second-lowest percent Statewide—have a high school diploma. Less than two-thirds of the 2002 senior class planned to attend college; of those, only about half gained acceptance. The percentages of recent immigrants to Lanai and of children in school programs to improve English proficiency exceed those of most other communities. Lanai also has the third-highest percentage of children in special education programs in the State.

The data for most other measures of child and family well-being are positive. Most young children are covered by health insurance. The majority of teachers and students agree that the schools are safe. Census data shows that 100% of the teens ages 16-19 are either in school or working. The majority of parents report that they help their children with homework. Compared to other communities Statewide, fewer 3rd graders earn low SAT scores, and school attendance is good. More than half of the grandparents who live with their grandchildren are regularly involved in the children’s care—the highest level in the State.

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