Center on the Family Directory
Berry, Marianne (PhD)Director956-5303
Kam, LisaSecretary 956-4132
Lee, John (MA)Institutional Support956-4136
DeBaryshe, Barbara (PhD)Specialist956-4140
Fong, Grace (EdD)COF Affiliate Faculty956-9419
He, Shi-Jen (MA)Assistant Specialist956-2238
Kim, Ji Yeon (PhD)Associate Specialist956-2246
Lewin-Bizan, Selva (PhD)Assistant Professor956-2256
Stern, Ivette Rodriguez (MSW)Junior Specialist956-3844
Yuan, Sarah (PhD)Associate Specialist956-5939
Project Staff
Afsharzadeh, Yoseb (BS)Info Technology Associate692-7538
Barsatan, RyanStudent Assistant956-4132
Casey, Mike (MURP)Project Coordinator 956-8873
Choy, Angela (MEd)Program Specialist956-7364
Dau, ChelseaGraduate Research Assistant956-7540
Garcia, Lynn (BA)Project Support Assistant956-2397
Hughes, CaelanStudent Assistant956-2397
Kahalewale, Cyndy (MPH, RDN, LD)Senior Nutrition Project Coordinator223-3957
Macabantag, Annalynne (BS)QCP Project Support Facilitator956-8962
Nakamura, Lana (MA)Project Coordinator 956-3760
Nemoto, Mary Ann (MEd)Project Coordinator 956-8877
Okano, Stephen (BA)Project Coordinator 692-7520
Oliveros, AnnalynStudent Assistant
Ruikar, Sachin (MS)Information Technology Specialist956-6164
Sabino, Eilleen (MPH)Project Specialist956-7349
Sakairi, EtsukoGraduate Research Assistant956-7349
Taira, KazufumiGraduate Research Assistant956-7540
Tom, Ann (EdM)Project Coordinator 956-4133
Vo, Hong (MA)Graduate Research Assistant956-7349
Wongkaren, Turro (PhD)Data Analyst956-7349
Yadao, Krystina (BE)Program Specialist956-8666
Yuan, Maw Ying (MS)IT System Administrator956-6117
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